Welcome to the hidden page of RESOURCES included in my Contend for Your Healing: Journey from Deathbed to Destiny book. You have Patti’s permission to download these posters and print them for your personal use and for use with healing clients.

Downloadable Posters:

Poster 1 Cycle of Healing

Poster 2 FAITH verses

Poster 3 It Is His Will to Heal

Poster 4 Stop Speak Act

Poster 5 FEAR Get Out of the Boat

Poster 6 Set Back is a Set Up

Poster 7 Refresh to Recharge

Poster 8 Speak Mt What I Say Body Obeys

Poster 9 Sleep 

Poster 10 Speak to Your Eating

Poster 11 Speak to your Storm

Poster 12 Can’t Afford Thoughts – Tiredness Energy

Poster 13 Victory  Reach for His Throne

Downloadable Tools:

*This doesn’t replace reading the books I’ve written which provide a broader and more comprehensive approach to soul healing and physical healing. Recommending the books will provide clients with the practical tools to do the healing work and help others.