Activating You to Heal the Sick

Patti had to overcome her entrenched beliefs that miracles died with the apostles in order to build her life on Jesus’ promise that Very truly I tell you, whoever believes in Me will do the works I have been doing, and they will do even greater things than these (John 14:12). She now sees miracles and healing every week. In Patti’s Masterclass and this workbook you’ll learn the Biblical basis for healing and miracles. Discover how to hear from God and be activated to heal the sick. Be inspired by testimonies and get your questions answered. The overriding purpose is for you to walk away equipped and excited to heal the sick!

Masterclass Information

Topics include:

  • What part does Holy Spirit play in healing the sick?
  • Preparing to heal – how to hear from God.
  • Believe and receive healing. Healing authority vs. anointing
  • What about doubt?
  • Faith is like an eyeball – my truth vs. The Truth
  • Inner healing with lies we believe
  • Feast on testimonies
  • ABC’s of Healing
  • Contending for healing when a miracle doesn’t happen
  • Treasure hunt and miracle missions
  • Miracle gospel in 30 seconds

Time: 6 weeks, Wednesday at 8 pm EST. Dates ongoing. This is a LIVE workshop via zoom which is taped and will be posted on a private Facebook page for you to review or watch if you had to miss it. Because this is an Activation masterclass, you will read the lesson beforehand and come prepared with questions you have and testimonies of how you applied the content. Rather than being teacher-focused, this masterclass is highly interactive so you will maximize the impact in your life. Each of the 6 lessons will have an activation component.



Do you want to be healed? Have you prayed for someone to be healed and they weren’t healed? Is healing really for today? Are these questions you’ve grappled with and don’t have Biblical answers but desire to learn more? I had all those same questions and would love to share with you what I’ve learned during my FREE THREE DAY HEALING CHALLENGE. When you sign up below, you will receive an email for the next three days with my healing challenge videos. I’ll see you there!


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