Activate You to Heal the Sick: Masterclass Workbook

Patti had to overcome her entrenched beliefs that miracles died with the apostles in order to build her life on Jesus’ promise that Very truly I tell you, whoever believes in Me will do the works I have been doing, and they will do even greater things than these (John 14:12). She now sees miracles and healing every week. In Patti’s Masterclass and this workbook you’ll learn the Biblical basis for healing and miracles.

Discover how to hear from God and be activated to heal the sick. Be inspired by testimonies and get your questions answered. The overriding purpose is for you to walk away equipped and excited to heal the sick!

Contend for Your Healing

Divinely inspired and given, this book describes the journey through a critical health crisis. It tells the true story of Dustin as he journeys through the ups and downs of the Cycle of Healing to victory. He went from his deathbed where he was given less than 5% chance of living to walking out of the hospital healed and pain-free. As a healing coach, Patti walks you through his healing journey and provides numerous testimonies, tools, and strategies the Lord gave her that helped Dustin contend for his supernatural recovery. Healing and miracles are for today and it’s legally yours as a believer. This book is written for those on their own healing journey as well as for people coaching others to contend for their healing.

Healing Your Soul: Don’t Let Your Past Hurts Destroy Your Future

Co-authored by Patti Hathaway, M.Ed., CSP and Dr. Sandy Burkett

God’s desire is that you walk in His blessings yet sometimes you get stuck and don’t understand why. In this Bible Study you’ll learn the difference between your Body, Soul, and Spirit and how trauma may have impacted you from birth. You’ll recognize the Biblical role of Holy Spirit in your walk and how you can better use His Power to overcome. You’ll discover how trauma and hurts affect your soul and spirit, and how this can delay and impact your future. You’ll identify and break off lies in areas such as generational curses, soul ties, and ungodly beliefs and mindsets by using Biblical healing prayer. There are eight lessons with a format that includes teaching time, small group discussion questions, activation exercises, declarations, and personal application exercises. This Bible Study can be used oneon-one or in groups.


Welcome to the RESOURCES included in my Contend for Your Healing: Journey from Deathbed to Destiny book. You have Patti’s permission to download these posters and print them for your personal use and for use with healing clients.

Downloadable Posters:

Poster 1 Cycle of Healing

Poster 2 FAITH verses

Poster 3 It Is His Will to Heal

Poster 4 Stop Speak Act

Poster 5 FEAR Get Out of the Boat

Poster 6 Set Back is a Set Up

Poster 7 Refresh to Recharge

Poster 8 Speak to Your Mountain – What I Say Body Obeys

Poster 9 Sleep 

Poster 10 Speak to Your Eating

Poster 11 Speak to your Storm

Poster 12 Can’t Afford Thoughts – Tiredness Energy

Poster 13 Victory  Reach for His Throne

Downloadable Tools:

*This doesn’t replace reading the books I’ve written which provide a broader and more comprehensive approach to soul healing and physical healing. Recommending the books will provide clients with the practical tools to do the healing work and help others.

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