The devil lies to us in order to steal, kill, and destroy our God-given identity. He whispers lies to our heart and mind to separate us from God and keep us from coming closer to Him.

  • The Kingdom Identity Series (KIS) was born out of helplessness over the 2020 pandemic and rioting. Patti Hathaway wrote this series to help others overcome these lies through God’s mighty power and wisdom. As a Team Leader for Street Souldiers, she saw the anxiety, pain, and hopelessness of many. Knowing who you are and Whose you are changes everything. Understanding your God-given identity gives you confidence, self-esteem, and increases your faith.


This meditation series is undergirded by divinely-inspired worship music. Each program follows the same exact format (and tracks). Together, we share worship music and

  • My Story (stories build an emotional bond and emotional bonds build trust)
  • Some practical tips (you can walk out)
  • What God Says (Scripture)
  • My Declarations (you can listen to repeatedly to transform your soul)
  • Closing (with prayer) to send you out to be an overcomer with God’s help

God’s Word (2 Corinthians 5:17, Ephesians 4:22-24), Worship (Romans 12: 12, 2 Corinthians 3:18, Isaiah 6:1-4) and Declarations (Proverbs 12:25 and 18:21, Matthew 12:37) have the power to transform people’s hearts and minds. KIS is a simple yet powerful tool – just press play to soak and begin transforming your soul (your mind, emotions, will). You can even go to sleep listening to specific tracks that minister to you so it goes more deeply into you.


is to bring hope to the hopeless, love to those abandoned, and peace to the anxious.

You are invited to download this series for free and share with others in need.

Listen to it over and over again until the message resonates in your soul and transforms how you think.

All for His glory! This series is available on all music platforms.

On this webpage, you will find downloadable pdfs if mentioned on the program you’re listening to.


of divinely inspired music, Scripture, and declarations for your journey to…

  • Healing Hope for your journey to physical health (available below)
  • Love Leads you to overcome anger and hatred
  • Peace Prevails as you conquer fear and anxiety with God’s powerful promises
  • Marvelous Marriage for couples who want to strengthen their relationship
  • Parenting Peace for you to bring love and peace in to your home
  • Blessed Business for entrepreneurs and business owners


Sarah Bean

Worship Leader, vocalist, song writer

Sarah is the KIS project manager. She has a passion to lead people into the healing, empowering presence of God through worship. Credits: Healing Hope, Writer and Soloist on Tracks 4, 5

Madison Gibson

Song writer and vocalist

Madison Gibson is a song writer and vocalist. She is passionate about leading people into a place of worship to have encounters with the Lord. Credits: Healing Hope, Writer and Soloist on Tracks 1 and 2

Patti Hathaway

Project creator and leader, author and speaker

Patti Hathaway, M.Ed, CSP is the project creator and leader, author and speaker. She loves mentoring married couples and is passionate about being the hands and feet of Jesus wherever she goes.

Andrew Powers

Worship Leader, Song Writer, and Musician

Andrew Powers is a Central Ohio Worship Leader, Song Writer, and Musician with a passion for Unity in the Church through the expression of worship. Credits: Healing Hope, Writer and Soloist on Track 3

Austin "Tuck" Tuckerman

Worship Team Leader, song writer, acoustic guitarist

Austin "Tuck" Tuckerman is the Northgate Church Worship Team Leader, song writer, acoustic guitarist. Tuck was the song writing leader for the Healing Hope recording. He has the deep desire of creating, collaborating, and compelling a Kingdom centered worship sound to come forth from Columbus, Ohio.

Justin Yoder

Keyboardist and song writer

Justin Yoder is a keyboardist and song writer.

Andrew Stephens

Sound Engineer

Andrew Stephens is our sound engineer. He uses his technical skills to assist musicians in changing the atmosphere and bringing heaven to earth.

Matthew Wooten

Wooten Productions

Matthew Wooten is our producer.


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