Tools I Use

Tools I Use

Deep Inner Healing & Deliverance Tool

One of the most transformative learning experiences I had last year was attending Erin Lamb’s Deep Inner Healing & Covenant Deliverance Masterclass in Columbus, Ohio. If this is your calling or even if you’re experienced, I highly recommend that you attend this class June 11-13, 2020. It will change your life.

This full-day, immersive 3-day masterclass (Thu/Fri/Sat) gives you the tools and resources you need to help improve your soul health and the health of others. You will discover easy faith-based methods to help yourself and others step into greater levels of freedom.

Some of Erin’s course topics include:

  • Understanding the soul
  • How the soul is wounded
  • How a sick soul impacts the body and spirit
  • Understanding dissociation (when the soul fractures)
  • Understanding merging of fractured soul parts
  •  Understanding trauma and PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)
  • Tools to help the soul heal
  • Tools to help yourself and others
  • Helping children with wounds of trauma and abuse
  • Helping people on the street with wounds of trauma and abuse.

Join Erin for this healing masterclass in June, and move forward in health and grace! Clients (including me) who previewed the course and completed one-on-one sessions gave an A+ rating and reported transformation in their lives. You will have an opportunity to test for course credit.


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