Books I’ve Read and Love

Books I’ve Read and Love

Sun Stand Still Book by Steven Furtick
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Book Description: You’re about to discover what happens when you dare to believe God for the impossible, ask God for the impossible—then act in audacious faith for His glory. You’re about to discover that faith is not a drug to sedate you through a life you hate; it’s a force to transport you to another realm of reality. There is a better way—a higher calling to fulfillment and significance that God deeply desires for your job, your marriage, your parenting, your finances, and your impact on this world.

My Favorite Quotes:

Extraordinary moves of God begin with ordinary acts of obedience. If God lives in you, you have the potential for audacious faith.  Complacency isn’t very comfortable in the presence of audacity.

Every aspiration you have in prayer needs an accompanying action. Otherwise you’re not really praying. You’re just pontificating. You do the natural. Trust God for the super.

God performs the most impressive feats through the most unimpressive people. God likes to wet the wood before He sets it on fire. That way, everybody know who made it burn (1 Kings 18:33-38)

Hearing the Word initiates faith. Speaking the Word activates faith. Doing the Word demonstrates faith
My Daily Declarations from this book:

  • I choose to step out in God’s strength and find myself in a move of God. God gives me every place where I set my foot. No one will be able to stand up against me. (Joshua 11)
  • Extraordinary moves of God begin with ordinary acts of obedience. I walk upon the waters of the impossible and do the unexplainable.
  • God is preparing an astonishing reward for me.
  • I act in audacious faith to change the world in my generation. (Josh 10:12-14, John 14:12)

 How it changed me? It revived my dreams that God can use unimpressive people to perform impressive feats for Him. Emboldened me to continue to believe for impossible healing miracles. God wants me to move impossible mountains for His glory and He will do that if I simply step out (activate) in faith. I cannot be complacent or comfortable.

“Pour into me the brightness of Your daybreak! Pour into me Your rays of revelation-truth! Let them comfort and gently lead me onto the shining path, showing the way into Your burning presence, into Your many sanctuaries of holiness. Then I will come closer to Your very altar until I come before You, the God of my ecstatic joy! I will praise You with the harp that plays in my heart, to You, my God, my magnificent God! Then I will say to my soul, “Don’t be discouraged; don’t be disturbed, for I fully expect my Savior-God to break through for me. Then I’ll have plenty of reasons to praise Him all over again.” Yes, living before His face is my saving grace!”  Psalms 43:3-5 TPT



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